Réguler le stress
Regulating stress
Regulating stress
Regulating stress | 2:42

Today, the programme you are about to discover is a major programme in the world of anti-stress mindfulness meditation. You’ll be able to gradually train yourself to regulate that famous stress.

So what is stress? In psychology, stress is defined as a general adaptation syndrome. Stress is our body’s way of adapting to the environment.

It’s very important to be stressed; in fact, positive stress mobilises us, making us faster and more intelligent; that’s the good thing about stress. It’s a good thing that stress exists, because otherwise man would have been eliminated by his predators thousands of years ago.

But of course, as we all know, there’s also negative stress, which slows us down, prevents us from doing what we need to do, makes us suffer and can sometimes make us ill, because it’s stress that produces a large quantity of hormones, such as cortisol, which is very harmful to our health, but also to our brain and our intelligence, when its levels are high and present on a chronic basis.

It’s a form of stress that makes us considerably tired and against which we are exhausted fighting. Stress is now considered to be a real public health issue. So with this mindfulness meditation programme, little by little your stress will become regulated and, perhaps, almost your best friend.

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