Opening up to sleep
Opening up to sleep
Opening up to sleep | 2:20

I’m delighted to be working with you on this programme, which takes a different approach to sleep. Most people have sleep problems, such as problems falling asleep, frequent or long-lasting night-time awakenings, or poor sleep quality.

It’s a regular subject of consultation and everyone does what they can, taking herbal teas, melatonin and sometimes sleeping pills to try and regulate our sleep.

So here you’re going to discover a variety of shorter meditations, inspired by positive psychology, to help you get a better night’s sleep, and sometimes just to get into a soothing state of somnolence that’s conducive to rejuvenation.

Bear in mind that this is a practice that requires regularity and, of course, patience. It’s important to observe changes and improvements, even small ones at first. To help us reverse this sleep spiral so that it becomes virtuous again.
Thank you and see you soon.

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A free event open to all, meditation can really change your life: less stress, better management of your emotions, much better concentration… Help to find deep, restorative sleep Say goodbye to insomnia, whether chronic or occasional.

Benefits of meditation

Often, when we have trouble falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night, an uncontrollable wave of thoughts rushes through our minds. But one of the foundations of meditation is precisely to try to control this flow, to keep it at a distance and to step back from all these thoughts in favour of the moment. So regular practice of sleep meditation during the day and at night can help to calm the mind and make it easier to fall asleep for longer.

Sleep meditation can also be useful if your insomnia or difficulty sleeping is due to pain. Like thought, pain is far away. They will not necessarily diminish, but their experience and perspective may change as a result of meditation.

Conditions for evening meditation

Before throwing everything into meditation to help you sleep better, make sure your bedroom is conducive to sleep. Choose a simple decor, remember to ventilate well (morning and evening, summer and winter) and perhaps lightly perfume the room with a deodorant candle in the room where you spend so much time!

Don’t forget to eat dinner at least two hours before going to bed and avoid theophylline, caffeine and sugar after meals. To improve your chances, drink a cup of herbal tea or an infusion of camomile, valerian or passionflower, known for their relaxing properties…

Practising meditation before going to bed

Evening meditation can be practised in bed or on a mat on the floor, sitting or lying down. Sitting allows a clear distinction between meditative and sleepy states, while lying down makes the transition easier. Here are the best sleep meditation practices to do before bed for a good night’s sleep:

Concentrate on your breathing: first observe your inhalations and exhalations without changing them, then slow down if necessary. Take a deep breath and exhale for a long time. You can also hold the air for a few seconds before breathing out. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

Then turn your attention to each part of your body: while keeping part of your attention on your breathing, think about all your extremities, from your toes to the tip of your skull, and look for areas of tension.

Think about the positive moments of the day that’s ending

Imagine a place, real or imaginary, that is a haven of peace for you, or a place where you feel good, and let your mind wander there as you listen to its distinctive voice…

It may not work at first: don’t be discouraged, persevere, meditation is a long process, and ongoing results will appear after weeks or even months…

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