Sound relaxation uses sound vibrations (such as singing bowls, nature sounds or soothing music) to induce relaxation. This practice aims to reduce stress, promote deep relaxation and energy balance, improving overall well-being by listening to and resonating with these therapeutic sounds.

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Sounds of nature

An invitation to get back to basics, to rediscover harmony with nature


Sound immersions

Let yourself be transported by the transformative power of sound


Nature walks

Let yourself be carried away by the beauty and magic of the natural world


Soothing musical atmospheres

Let yourself be carried away by the symphony of your own being



A new dimension of well-being and serenity


Water in all its forms

Discover the beauty and power of river meditation


Selection of sounds for falling asleep

Discover the magic of nocturnal meditation


Comforting sounds of everyday life

Discover mindfulness in the simplest moments


Music for better sleep

Classical music, particularly conducive to relaxation

Stimulating music

More upbeat, sparkling, invigorating and bubbly music

World music

Meditative journeys with singular, unique melodies

Short meditations

Just a few minutes for a meditation practice


Positive affirmations

Discover the transformative power of positive thinking

Asian tales

Discover the magic of meditation through the eyes of the ancestors.


Balanced cardiac coherence

Very accessible and easy exercises

Relaxing cardiac coherence

Very accessible and easy exercises

Tonic cardiac coherence

Very accessible and easy exercises

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