Balanced cardiac coherence

Welcome to this brand-new program featuring easy-to-use exercises to activate the full benefits of breathing, an ingenious complement to meditation. We’ll take a look at what’s known as “cardiac coherence”.

This practice, which originated in the USA, was widely introduced in France over 15 years ago by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, well known for his research into stress and general well-being.

Today, David O’Hare is one of its main pillars. Numerous studies have validated the benefits of these simple exercises in many areas. So, what is it all about? Basically, cardiac coherence invites us to synchronize our breathing with defined rhythms and durations.

When we breathe, about six breaths a minute, we alternately activate the sympathetic system, which wakes us up, and the parasympathetic system, which relaxes us. These two modes of breathing belong to the autonomic nervous system – the one that engages naturally and is not directed by the central nervous system. They are directly linked to our breathing and heart rhythm, which is continuously activated without our conscious decision.

Cardiac coherence is based on this physiological function and can reduce the production of the stress hormone cortisol, or, depending on the breathing frequency, activate it to give us more energy. With its predefined guidelines, you can refocus on your breathing rhythm for three, five or seven minutes. You can try out the exercise in silence, accompanied only by the tinkling of a bell at the beginning and end, or with the support of images and the natural sounds of nature.

In this balanced cardiac coherence program, the breathing rhythm is five seconds for inhalation and five seconds for exhalation, with a short pause in between. All you have to do is follow the bubble on your screen with your eyes, and synchronize your breathing with its variations. Inhale as it inflates, exhale as it deflates. We recommend you perform the exercise three times a day, at intervals and, if possible, every day.

Stress levels drop very quickly with these exercises, and continue to do so as you continue to practice. You’ll be able to observe the different tone of your day. With this program, you can switch to the relaxing or toning program, depending on your needs. I wish you all the best.

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I balance my cardiac coherence

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