Musiques pour mieux dormir
Music for better sleep

Hello, I remember a great music lover who once told me that when I feel tense, stressed or worried, I listen to certain types of music that have the virtue of soothing me in just a few minutes.

In this program, we have selected classical music for you, which is particularly conducive to relaxation. In fact, the notes of certain musical compositions resonate with our bodies, helping them to relax, calm down and release tension, whether physical or mental.

As for animals, have you noticed that cats, dogs, horses and even animals with impaired hearing behave differently? When music is played, it’s simply because the musical notes circulate like vibratory waves, and our bodies feel them. These vibrations are received throughout our being and act without our knowing it.

A process that interests scientists. They are working and carrying out a great deal of research on this subject. For these practices, it’s important to settle down comfortably and listen to these pieces, which will stabilize our attention, enveloping us and lulling us to sleep. Let yourself be carried along by the instruments, and if possible remain attentive to what you experience in terms of bodily sensations, as well as the emotions and thoughts that may be associated with them.

You’ll probably define your own hit parade of favorite music, so it’s up to you to experiment. I hope you enjoy the following sequences.

Thank you and see you soon.

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Better sleep with music

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