Tonic cardiac coherence

Welcome to this tonic cardiac coherence program. You’ve already trained with the “Balance” and “Relaxing” programs, and felt the incredible benefits. If you haven’t yet, I suggest you follow the “Balance” program for at least a few days before starting this one.

As you know, cardiac coherence involves synchronizing our breathing with regular rhythms.

When we exhale, we activate the parasympathetic system, whose role is to relax us by slowing our heart rate. And when we breathe in, we activate the sympathetic system, whose role is to wake us up and alert us, by significantly accelerating our heart rate. This has the effect of circulating energy within us and toning us up.

This tonic mode corresponds to six seconds of inhalation and four seconds of exhalation, with a slight pause between inhalation and exhalation. To train, always follow the bubble on the screen, synchronizing your breathing with its movements. Inhale as it inflates and exhale as it deflates.

As with the other programs, three durations are pre-set, each with a silent version with the tinkling of a bell at the beginning and end, and a version with images and sounds of nature. We recommend adopting this “tonic cardiac coherence” mode when you need to regain momentum, energy and dynamism, choosing the duration that suits you. To be truly effective, it is always advisable to perform the exercise three times a day, spaced out. If possible, every day.

For this “toning” program, it’s best to do it during the day and avoid the moment before going to bed. I wish you lots of practice, and as you gain experience, I hope you’ll be able to switch from one program to another as your needs change.

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