Musiques stimulantes
Stimulating music

Hello. Music is to the body what words are to the mind. Here’s a phrase I often quote to introduce this new program.

Man produces many sounds and wonderful melodies have been composed. Nature, too, is highly creative, as in the case of birdsong, which is totally random and impossible for us to predict. We call them stochastic sounds.

These sounds, this musicality, influence our moods, our perceptions, our emotions, our general state of mind, without us even being aware of it. When we feel tired and affected, stressed, sad or in any other state that may be unpleasant for us to experience, it’s often because we’re somehow limited to a small space, as if our vital energy were blocked.

And for this energy to do its job, it needs to be released, to circulate to fully nourish us. That’s why, in this program, we offer you music that’s more upbeat, more sparkling, more invigorating and bubbly, melodies and notes that encourage the opening of melodies with which your breathing can connect, open up and sometimes synchronize. For these sessions, you can adopt a seated or reclining posture, or experiment standing up, allowing your body to move as it wishes.

So, are you ready for these sessions?

Thank you and see you soon.

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