Boosting energy
Boosting energy
Boosting energy | 1:46

Stimulating energy is a very important meditation because we sometimes think, wrongly, that the sole intention of mindfulness meditation is to calm us down, to make us calmer and more serene. But mindfulness meditation has been shown to have considerable benefits in giving us energy.

Because deep down, when we’re not feeling well, when we’re experiencing difficulties, when we’re stressed, when we’re preoccupied, our energy is completely blocked.

Our vital momentum is very important if we are to reconnect, to link up with all the resources of life that are within us and that are always there, but that are sometimes covered by layers that prevent us from feeling this energy.

Yet this energy is always within us, like a well from which we can draw fresh water and quench our thirst.

This is the function of the programme you are about to discover, of these meditations, which enable us to restore our vital energy.

Mindfulness meditation Energy

Energy meditation can be an excellent way to recharge your batteries and recharge your batteries. Here are a few meditation techniques that can help you regain your energy:

Mindfulness energy meditation:

This mindfulness energy meditation technique involves focusing on the present moment, being aware of your thoughts and emotions, without judging or analysing them. This can help to calm the mind and restore energy.

Breathing meditation:

This meditation technique involves concentrating on your breathing, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly. This can help reduce stress and restore energy.

Visualisation meditation:

This meditation technique involves visualising yourself in a calm, peaceful environment, imagining relaxing colours, smells and sounds. This can help to calm the mind and restore energy.

Moving meditation:

This energy meditation technique involves focusing on the sensations of your body in movement, such as walking or yoga. This can help to strengthen the body and mind and restore energy.

It’s important to find the meditation technique that best suits your needs and lifestyle. By practising meditation regularly, you can regain energy and improve your mental and physical well-being.

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