Se relier au corps
Connecting with the body
Connecting with the body
Connecting with the body | 1:44

It’s good to see you again. Today, in this program and with these meditations, we’re going to take care of our bodies. The body, in fact, is everything we are.

We can’t think, we can’t have thoughts, we can’t have emotions, we can’t live, we can’t act and we can’t be good or bad without the body. So what does mindfulness meditation teach us? It has the incredible virtue of making us attentive, very attentive, to the slightest murmurings of our body.

Increasing our quality of listening and presence to our body, i.e. to all the messages our body is constantly sending us, which enables us to know better, to understand better what we can do, what we are experiencing, what obstacles we have to face, what joyful moments we are experiencing.

The body and its messages are our main resource for living the richest possible life, and the more aware we are, attentive to the slightest whisper from the body, the more we can become the ones who are totally committed to the life that is theirs, taking good care of ourselves and, of course, our bodies.

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I connect with my body

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