Living gratitude
Living gratitude
Living gratitude | 2:09

It’s an incredible programme that we’re going to discover today. It’s a programme about the power of gratitude. These are very big words to say very important things and, at the end of the day, very simple things that we often forget.

It’s the power of the “thank you”, the genuine “thank you”, the one that comes from the heart, the one that moves us, the one that can sometimes bring tears to our eyes. It’s the importance of recognising how much we owe to others. Would we exist without others?

The aim of this programme and these meditations is to connect us with the feeling we get when we feel the influence of being able to say “thank you”.

The impact of feeling this infinite gratitude that we can feel for others, for life, for everything that is offered to us and also for ourselves. It’s important to thank ourselves, not because we have an inflated ego, but because we all do the best we can to move forward in life, with our vulnerability, and it’s essential to recognise that.

It’s not the polite ‘thank you’ that we express many times in the course of a day, although of course that has its place, but a ‘thank you’ that is anchored in our soul, sincere and profound. What’s more, gratitude is probably the concept in contemporary psychology that has most demonstrated its beneficial effects on three of the major elements of our lives: being healthy, being happy and living to a ripe old age. Numerous books and studies have been published on this subject. Gratitude is our absolute weapon.

So let’s be grateful to each other and to ourselves, and let’s take advantage of moments of meditation when gratitude is so precious that we need to cherish it, celebrate it and embrace it.

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I'm living gratitude

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