Méditation et musique
Meditation and music
Meditation and music
Meditation and music | 2:48

I’ve often been asked the question: “Is it possible to meditate while listening to music? In mindfulness protocols, this is not the intention. Music can easily draw us away from self-presence. And yet, as the saying goes, “music softens the soul”.

It’s been with us since the dawn of time, and is omnipresent.

Whether created by man or nature, it has also been adopted by the animal kingdom. Many scientists have studied its virtues, and it is even used as a therapy with proven effectiveness.

Personally, I think it’s an interesting medium. As long as you already have some experience in the practice, and the music you listen to is slow enough, possibly repetitive, like a sort of ritornello, which will lull and stabilize your intention.

That’s why, with this music and meditation program, we’re offering you two interesting approaches. One is to synchronize your breathing with the melody, which is akin to what we call “cardiac coherence”; the other is to let yourself be carried along by the instruments, being attentive to what we experience through our three Cs, which we’ve touched on in other programs. I wish you all the best in your practice, and hope to see you soon with these new experiences.

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I meditate to music

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