Apprivoiser ses émotions
Tame your emotions
Tame your emotions
Tame your emotions | 2:31

The program you’re about to discover, which I’m particularly fond of, I was delighted to produce. It’s a program about emotions.

When we talk about emotions, we quickly get the feeling that we should be wary of them, that we should put them at a distance, that in order to think seriously, we shouldn’t be disturbed by them.

What a mistake! We fundamentally need our emotions to live, we need our emotions to be intelligent, we need our emotions to understand ourselves, and to understand the world, because emotions are like little warning signals that we feel in our bodies; because emotions are first and foremost experienced in our bodies, like road signs that tell us “watch out for a left turn, a right turn, a one-way street or a dead end”.

All this information enables us to adapt and adjust at every moment of our lives. When we sense that an emotion is there, we can turn to it and say “here, what do you have to tell me? What message are you trying to give me?”.

Etymologically speaking, emotion comes from “exmoved”, which means to set in motion. And when we get used to, when we train ourselves to shape our life, our inner world and even our outer relationships with our emotions, then we feel much more coherent, and engaged, in a very active form, in the world that is ours.

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I tame my emotions

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