Supporting your healthcare journey

Welcome to our sophrology program, dedicated to supporting you on your healthcare journey. Sophrology offers invaluable support for those going through health challenges, helping them to cultivate resilience, manage stress and foster a positive state of mind throughout their journey to well-being.

In this sanctuary of comfort and healing, we offer you a set of sophrological techniques specially designed to accompany your healing journey with compassion and care.

  1. Conscious breathing: Learn to use breathing as a powerful tool to calm the mind and relax the body. Sophrological breathing exercises help you manage anxiety and regain a sense of inner calm, enabling you to face challenges with greater clarity and serenity.
  2. Positive visualization: Immerse yourself in the imaginary world and let yourself be guided by soothing and inspiring visualizations. These exercises help you cultivate a positive state of mind by allowing you to connect with images of healing and well-being, boosting your confidence in your ability to overcome obstacles.
  3. Progressive muscle relaxation: release accumulated tension in the body through muscle relaxation techniques. By consciously releasing tension in every part of your body, you promote deep relaxation and allow your nervous system to regenerate.
  4. Stress and pain management: Learn to recognize and manage the symptoms of stress and pain with compassion and kindness. Sophrology offers you practical tools to reduce unpleasant sensations and promote a state of general well-being, enabling you to cope better with medical treatments and periods of convalescence.
  5. Mental preparation for medical procedures: Use sophrology to prepare yourself mentally for medical procedures and examinations, helping you to approach these moments with calm and confidence. Sophrology techniques help you to anchor yourself in the present moment and feel supported and strong in the face of any ordeal.

Whether you’re facing a chronic illness, recovering from surgery or any other health challenge, our sophrology program offers you a safe, caring space where you can find the support you need to move through your care journey with strength, resilience and serenity. May your path to healing be illuminated by the light of sophrology, and may each step be marked by gentleness and compassion.

initiation sophrologie

Introduction to sophrology programme

This course is designed for anyone looking to improve their well-being, manage stress effectively, boost their vital energy and live a more balanced and serene life. No previous experience of sophrology is necessary to start. Come and discover this fulfilling practice for a more harmonious and serene life.

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